Domestic Oven Cleaning

Domestic Professional Oven Cleaning in Essex and Suffolk

At OvenBlue our technicians can undertake thorough deep cleaning to all manner of Domestic Single Ovens, Double Ovens, Ranges, Agas, Rayburns and Stanleys.

Extractor Cleaning, Hob Cleaning, Microwave Cleaning and Minor Repairs

When we visit to clean your Oven we can also clean Hobs, Microwaves and Extractor Hoods and replace their filters,  Our fully trained and insured technicians also carry bulbs for all types of Ovens and Extractor Hoods. We can carry out all manner of minor repairs such as replacement door glass and seals, replace missing knobs and switch covers.

We use modern methods with up to date state-of-the-art equipment and products. All removable panels and racks are removed and given a deep clean.

We also remove the fan covers and clean behind the fan covers. The dirt and grease collected behind these covers cannot normally be seen and can be ignored. Not by us. It is important that this is done as that has a great impact on whether an oven smokes, the taste of food and the energy efficiency of the oven.

We will seek your approval before we leave, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction. We will restore you Oven to as near to showroom condition as humanly possible.







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